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【 Scary Tale Series No.1 - Dracula: Temptation Feast 】

【 Scary Tale Series No.1 - Dracula: Temptation Feast 】

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【 Scary Tale Series No.1 - Dracula: Temptation Feast 】繼去年推出的Fairy Tale Series,Club Qing 今天公布全新系列 Scary Tale Series。系列以經典怪異故事角色作題材,由 kt518 以畫筆重新演繹創作出5幅作品。首幅作品《Dracula: Temptation Feast》描繪主角吸血殭屍貓,面對眾多邪惡誘惑不知如何選擇。系列第一瓶為艾雷島 Bruichladdich 酒廠的29年單桶,在 refill hogshead熟成,聞香散發牛油、忌廉、熟透香橙、生香蕉及青幽小溪的香氣;酒體輕盈,生薑、西柚、牛奶巧克力、蜜糖及礦物的味道和諧交織;餘韻優雅細緻,是一款香醇迷人的單一麥芽威士忌。希望各位喜歡。除下列10個香港零售點外,Scary Tale Series 亦將於稍後時間登陸英國著名威士忌零售網站 The Whisky Exchange 及日本著名威士忌零售網站 Rudder Ltd. 作公開發售,象徵香港威士忌品牌正式邁向國際舞台。

【 Scary Tale Series No.1 - Dracula: Temptation Feast 】Following our successful mini series Fairy Tale last year, we are presenting our brand new mini series - Scary Tale today. Scary Tale Series comprises of 5 scary/horror stories with a twist created by kt518 . The first expression 《Dracula: Temptation Feast》depicts Dracula, the king of all vampires facing a dilemma when presented with various evilish temptations. The first bottle in the release is a 29-year-old single cask from the Bruichladdich Distillery matured in a refill hogshead. this vintage whisky pleases the nose with alluring aromas of butter, whipped cream, ripe orange, green banana and tranquil forest stream. Light-bodied on the palate, it presents a harmonious combination of ginger, grapefruit, milk chocolate, honey and minerals flavors.

Apart from the 10 Hong Kong retailers listed below, the Scary Tale Series will also be available for purchase at renowned UK whisky retailer The Whisky Exchange and popular Japanese retailer Rudder Ltd. later this month.


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