About Us

About Us

Artista Perfetto The Art of Perfecting Coffee

To Perfect is a goal, and to practice the art of living is a journey we strive to explore.

Nine years ago we had a spark and created AP. Expanding in Taiwan while opening in Hong Kong, We pioneered a style inspired by coffee shops from Taiwan, Japan, and European countries. In the process we grow bigger, with better ideas, but one thing stays true: We live in defence to our right for a great brew, one we can enjoy anytime or any given day.

AP continues to be a hub where coffee lovers meet, be inspired, and connect through our common love for a better lifestyle, accented with a great coffee. We continue to keep this shop a place where everyone can chill and escape from the hustling realities; a destination where only coffee matters. Idealistic it may be, AP strives to pioneer values and ideas that formulate the culture like no other, projected and communicated in every encounter, from baristas to customers, or every friendship formed over the enjoyment of the commonest beverage in the world.

There is a million reasons to enjoy coffee. At Artista Perfetto, coffee is our bridge to connect with one another, the vessel that builds a community, and together we sample each pressed drop of this precious elixir, hot or cold, milk or black, pressed or drip, we live to pursue that same dream to perfect the art, and continue to brew for all to savour.




Founded in 2012 in Taipei by a group of award winning baristas, Artista Perfetto specialises in making artisanal coffee. After years of brewing in Taiwan, they decided to take their coffee back to their home, Hong Kong in 2018.

Located at a cozy corner in Causeway Bay, Artista Perfetto Hong Kong offers a wide range of specialty coffee that is a guaranteed pleasure to all coffee enthusiasts.