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Artista Perfetto x Akira 電動磨豆機 (UK ONLY)

Artista Perfetto x Akira 電動磨豆機 (UK ONLY)

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Taiwan brand, 30mm stainless steel conical burr grinder, net weight 450 grams. The operation and maintenance are similar to traditional hand grinders, with the major advantage being fully electric. When grinding hard beans or making espresso, there's no need to use your arm strength. The hand grinding time for pour-over coffee is about 1 minute, and for espresso, it's around 2 minutes. The design with a removable bean hopper and adjustable grounds cup is convenient for storage and portability.

It charges via USB Type-C and a full charge is sufficient for at least 20 grinding sessions. Charging from zero takes approximately 2 hours. Akira comes with a brush and a cloth bag included in the box.

Before use, turn the burr clockwise to the tightest setting and then adjust it counterclockwise to the desired grind size. For beginners, don't pay too much attention to the numbers on the dial, especially after cleaning and reassembling, as the numbers may vary. Focus on the number of notches instead.

Here are our recommended grind settings:

Start at the tightest setting.
For Espresso, adjust counterclockwise by 10-12 notches.
For Filter coffee, adjust counterclockwise by 30-32 notches.

台灣品牌,30mm不銹鋼錐刀,淨重450克,操作與護理跟一般手磨分別不大,最大優點是全電動,遇上硬豆或研磨espresso時,不用練手臂,手沖豆研磨時間大約為1分鐘,espresso 則約2分鐘左右;中間入豆及伸縮粉杯的設計,亦方便收藏及攜帶。

USB type-c 充電,滿電量最少足夠20次研磨,由零開始充電時間約2小時,Akira隨盒附送毛掃及布袋一個。




Espresso 逆時針扭10-12格
Filter 逆時針扭 30-32 格

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