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【 Fairy Tale Series No.4 - The Little Prince In Sunsets 】

【 Fairy Tale Series No.4 - The Little Prince In Sunsets 】

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“The Fairy Tale Series Fourth bottle "The Little Prince In Sunsets" is an Irish single malt distilled in 2002 and aged for 18 years in a bourbon barrel. This Irish single malt displays a very fruity aroma with ripe pear, tangerine, green apples, and green spices. The palate is dominated by candies and tropical fruits with a hint of mint and liquorice. As Irish whiskies are becoming more popular over the past few years, we believe including an Irish whiskey in this series will make it more complete. The Little Prince in Sunsets will also be available in Japan via our distributor Rudder in the near future. Fairy Tale Series is a creative series of reinterpreted fairy tales by kt518 in forms of acrylic paintings. The Little Prince In Sunsets tells an alternate version of the popular tale: instead of a fox it’s a Somali cat that the Little Prince met and tried to tame.”, said by Club Qing.



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